Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Pharmaceutical production and formulation is as important as the source of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's).


Pharmaceutical grade Anabolic Steroids are hard to find in today's times. We at AndroPharm are proud to bring you products which meet all of the requirements of pharmaceutically recognized products. Each ampoule and tablet are correctly dosed with each ingredient to ensure that you get what you paid for. Our easy to break ampoules and easy to use blistered tablets maintain absolute sterility and stability under any circumstances.

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Our commitment

Our commitment is to manufacture our products using only the highest grade materials (API's) with consistent quality day-in and day-out. Athletes from around the world will recognize AndroPharm as a trusted source for their performance enhancing drugs.

GMP Compliance

AndroPharm manufactures all of its products in Class A registered and GMP compliant manufacturing facilities to bring you state-of-the-art, single dosage injection preparations as well as highly stable blistered tablet products.



Our tablets are blister packed to ensure stability after manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being one of only a handful of brands available globally whom blister pack our products according to Pharmaceutical standards. Giving you only the best quality, every time!


Our single dose ampoules allow ease of use in a globally recognized pharmaceutical packaging into 1 ml ampoules. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of a handful of global anabolic brands whom can offer products packed in ampoules.